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 Armourments Room

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PostSubject: Armourments Room   Sat Feb 13, 2010 6:56 am

Young William stood in the Armourment room, He sighed, having just come form the queen asking to be relieved of his duty of Guarding Princess Des... She didn't want him near.. But he just couldn't continiue to guard her with their relationship the way it was.

Now he wasn't sure what to do..

Why was he in the armourment room anyway? his mind had lead him here....

He sighed again and absently grabbed a sword, going to the demo Area. Looking at the wood and metal Dummy he took swings at it.. Eachtime swinging it harder, imagining it was the baron himself. He was the problem behinf all this henew it.

Finally tired and sore, he backed away and got a drink from a water Cantine...

Who had he been kidding... he couldn't win princess's heart.. not really, a princess heart was for whoever ot was promised to. They may love eachother but... with Des's betorthed they could never be together..

Or at least that was what his mind told him... his heart told a different story..

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Armourments Room
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