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 The Middle of the Forest

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PostSubject: The Middle of the Forest   Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:28 pm

Kirlan crouched down, unmoving. He knew that any movement would scare the deer away. He was hunting it for his evening meal. He hadn't eaten all day. He watched as the deer moved to drink from the small pond nearby. He knew he had his chance. He raised the bow, and fired. He shot the deer right in the heart. It fell within seconds. He quietly walked to it, staying in the shadows, lest there be someone watching, he would be invisible. He picked it up, slung it around his shoulders, and, still in the shadows, he moved back to his campsite.

At the camp, he had finished skinning and cleaning the deer. He took the meat he wanted, and cooked it over the fire. The rest I'll take to a market and sell. I could use the gold. When he finished eating, he slept for a few more hours, before he set out on his journey.
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The Middle of the Forest
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