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 Northeast Hall

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PostSubject: Northeast Hall   Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:23 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Northeast Hall   Sun Mar 14, 2010 1:00 am

(continued from Wodon/Genevieve chambers)

"Mother..." Although she deeply desired to continue after Wodon, the sound of her eldest child's deep voice froze her within her steps and she turned yet again seeking another. Like his father before him, Oberon appeared dressed in his full armour, with his helmet held under his arm.

"Why do you seek him?" Her brow wrinkled as she tried in vain to understand why he was asking her this.
"He is you father..." she murmured, reaching out to him as she had Wodon earlier. Her son held up a hand to still her movements.
"He is dead." She nodded, noting that Oberon said the words with a cold air of indifference.
"Yes... but why do you say such things?" she asked, pleading for an answer.
"Is that not what I was taught? To be haunted by my past and hidden within my walls. Nothing touches me nor scales my heights." Her eyes widened at her son's abnormal air.
"No... you are not this."
"But you are." The truth stung against her heart and she looked away from the piercing gaze of his eyes.

"Oberon..." she whispered, looking back to find he was walking away from her. Hastening, she hurried after his retreating form.
"Return to me!" she begged.

"Why would I too seek the dead?" he asked, not turning his head, but doubtless speaking to her.
"I am not dead..." she whispered, fear sparking to a full flame within her.
"To be one haunted; is to be one dead." the echo of his words rang through her very soul.

She did not speak out loud, though her sightless eyes filled with tears and her slight steps increased till she was nearly running down the hall, obviously still looking for someone, with mounting urgency... Although asleep, she narrowly avoiding falling to her death down the stairway and ran from its final step into another hall.

(continued in Southeast Hall)

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Northeast Hall
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