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 Dowager Queen Genevieve

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DQ Genevieve
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Personal Archive
Name: Genevieve, Alida, Bavona, Hilda, Jahan V, Arnulf, Vémundr, Aemilia, Ashza, Weilew, Panthea, Otto, Chloris, Amsel, Ramerna and Sister Eenra
Rank: Queen
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PostSubject: Dowager Queen Genevieve   Sat Nov 07, 2009 11:15 am


Out of Character

Name: Merci
Age: I'm above 13 and below 99
Gender: Female

In Character

Name: Genevieve (formerly Eevastasa before her marriage)
Age: 57
Gender: Female
Class Rank: Before her marriage, was a Princess of Mystenia, briefly a Lady through her first marriage, a Queen through her second marriage and finally a Dowager Queen after her husband's death.


Parents: Jahan III and Kollaka of Mystenia
Grandparents: Jahan II and Marian of Mystenia and Hamuran I and his wife Jena, of Kigona
Siblings: 1 sister, Varlia, and 3 brothers Jahan IV, Henrok, Jekante
Aunts & Uncles: N/A Too many (most are deceased)
Nieces & Nephews: Jahan V and Passasa
Cousins: N/A Too many (most are deceased)
Children: Oberon and Theseus
Grandchildren: Gareth, Cara, and Liam


Skin color: Very pale due to her Mystenian blood
Hair Color: Blonde with the occasional grey hair
Hair length: Waist length
Eye color: Blue, turn black when she is using shadow magic
Size: Short (5 feet or less)
Build: Small


Crushes: none
Lord Alverian of Mystenia, currently deceased (married for four months)
King Woden currently deceased (married for 38 years)
Status: widow

Lord Alverian:

King Woden's Picture:

-How I act-

Personality: Although quiet mannered, Genevieve is not someone one desires to become enemies with. Her subtle appearance and manner allow her to hide a great deal of anger and hatred. She does care deeply for her immediate family, but does not show it beyond the occasional tender moment. Due to being treated unfairly by those who viewed themselves as above her, Genevieve is careful to treat others well, often times treating those of the lowest rank as one of a more worthy position and vice versa. The common means of relating to people, assisted and assist her in her duties as Queen and currently Dowager Queen.

Her personality is best depicted as having two basic parts. The inner and the outer. Strangely put, there are deep emotions, which as stated above, Genevieve does not show no matter the circumstance or person. This "safety net" she has secured around her heart, was forged in her youth, when she was tormented day and night by the servants of her master. Hatred runs deep against the family that banished her from within their courts and it is no wonder that they have all but a few died.
Terrified of tight spaces, due to being locked in boxes as a child, Genevieve will not ride in carriages unless forced. Along with her fears, she rarely shows deep emotion around others, hiding fear, hatred, anger, sadness and joy in order to protect herself.

With her immediate family, Genevieve is often torn between showing her feelings and merely allowing them to think her indifferent. With her late husband, she never truly felt required to show deep affection until his death, due to his nature to shower such affection on her himself. Since her husband's death, she cries herself to sleep each night, blaming herself for his illness and following suicide.

In manner of humour. It would be unfair to say she doesn't possess the ability to appreciate it... as she does. But it would be aptly stated to say that she struggles with it at times. Having most of her life been the recipient of rude and vulgar jokes due to her beauty but cursed birth, Genevieve views levity very carefully, either ignoring the joke all together or giving but a small token of having even heard it. Thus she would not be the person to test a new "funny" on.

Her social graces, despite the lack of court education are exquisite, due to her personal training with her wizard master. He having been a lord in his youth, was happy to impart knowledge on court protocol and that education, despite its unorthodox origin served her well as she married King Wodon.

Besides being quiet mannered, Genevieve has a natural authority about her, which allows her to be quite intimidating when she desires. She usually only requests something once and will not request things unless they are important to her either personally or for the good of the kingdom. There are few on the castle staff who do not leap to do as the Dowager Queen requests.

Usual Mood: Calm

Horse back riding
Hunting, both with falcon and bow
Short walks


Your Story Please?

Born the youngest daughter to the court of Mystenia, Genevieve was named Eevastasa, after the Goddess of forbearance. Later after marrying King Woden, her name was changed to something that would reflect her new home. Her parents hated her due to a prophecy and all but gave her away to a elderly wizard to raise as his apprentice. However once she reached the age of marriage, 13 for a Mystenian princess, her parents began to seek a husband for their lovely but odd daughter.

At first, she was promised to a local lord, whose third wife had passed away, leaving him lonely and without an heir. Despite the man's age and deep love for dogs, Genevieve was content to marry him and was quite happily the mistress of his house until his death four months after their wedding. Anxious to keep their daughter married, her parents immediately secured another man, this time a Count whose chief desire in life was to blow his long nose on his shirt and juggle two apples. She was saved from what would have been a terribly boring marriage due to her older sister's sudden death. Since her sister, Varlia, was promised to the King of Alrania, she was now the only princess of Mystenia who could take her sister's place and marry him. Not pleased at all with the marriage, her parents claimed she was not as pretty as her sister and therefore did not merit the marriage. When they truly were terrified of what the young princess might do when she was made queen. Genevieve married despite her parents disapproval and promptly asked her husband to take Mystenia into his kingdom. Woden could not say no to his young bride and sent his troops to take the kingdom. A two year war soon deposited Mystenia into Woden's lap and he proudly marked the victory as his first achievement as king. However shortly after their victory, Woden gave his wife Mystenia as her own personal possession, separating it's rule from his own, claiming her love for him and his love for her had allowed them to have victory.

Not long after marrying Woden, Genevieve fell in love with him and he with her. Truly loved for the first time in her life, as her family had feared her and her master and first husband had held no more than platonic fatherly love for her, she became the king's closest companion and deepest friend, sharing together a marriage that few royal couples would have ever dreamed of. They viewed each other as part of one another and would claim to be incomplete without the other's presence and opinion.

She gave birth to Oberon, her first son, 10 months after her marriage.

Three years after Oberon was born, Genevieve gave birth to another son, Theseus.

Having begun her shadow training at the age of five by order of her parents to keep her from her prophesied future, Genevieve is a full shadow mage, controlling the elemental magics of shadow and all hidden within it. The prophecy was made when Genevieve was born by a priestess of Vangagla. It was said that the stars laid forth the image of the golden haired princess laying waste to Mystenia and removing the head of the king by command. Needless to say her parents were outraged and yet terrified, for it was also said that should the child die, her siblings would follow her like sheep to the slaughter. Not wanting their sons and daughter to die, they allowed Genevieve to live, but treated her like an outcast, forcing her to live outside of the palace and to become a ward of a master shadow mage. Thus they hoped to undo the prophecy, because a full shadow mage can have no identity with anything save shadow. The prophecy came true however, when Genevieve married Woden and had him destroy Mystenia and personally killed her brother, who was then king.

Her son Oberon was her favourite child, as she believed him to be the one more worthy of her time, although she never told anyone this fact. Few would have claimed she treated either son any differently, despite her heart feelings. Seeing to it that her sons had the best education, she remained staunch that the best they could do was all they needed to do in order to be successful in life. Her own childhood education made her extremely careful of who her sons' teachers and tutors were, often conducting long tedious interviews with fifty or more prospective wizards and teachers. However, she was never overly affectionate with her sons, rarely seeing them in their infant years and allowing nurses and maids to care for them through their school years.

At meals the Royal family would discuss one topic relating to the kingdom's rule and that was at times the only time Genevieve saw her sons. Other days, she would enter their school rooms and ferry one away for an unexpected picnic, a horse-backing riding adventure or a trip through the nearby towns. Thus, she felt she was able to balance her affection for her two sons. The only part of their schooling she was extremely strict about was their magic classes and tutoring. She allowed only the best to teach and had each lesson plan given to her for approval before the class took place. The teaching also could not begin until each of her sons were old enough to decide if they wanted magical training.

She wholeheartedly agreed to Oberon's first marriage, to Princess Delyth, when he was 20 and was deeply saddened when his wife died in childbirth. Eight years after the princess' death, Gareth followed her in death and Genevieve refused to admit the boy was dead until almost a year after his death and funeral. Both she and the king worried deeply about the state of the crown, with their eldest being a widower and without an heir, but said nothing to their son, trusting him to do what was best for both himself and the kingdom.

Three years after her grandson's death, Genevieve was told that her son had met and appeared to be enamored with a young princess. After their marriage, she happily accepted the young woman as her new daughter-in-law as did Woden who thought she was beyond charming. Both children the couple had were equally adored.

A sadder chapter in Genevieve's life was when her beloved husband fell gravely ill from a poisoned arrow wound. In battle it was said the arrow merely glanced the king and that he was unharmed, but the poison only waited until it attacked him, internally. Although the physicians and healers did their best to treat and cure the king, Woden was told he had but a year to live. More grieved that his loved one's would be forced to watch him waste away, than afraid of death, Woden begged his wife to assist him in ending his life. Genevieve promptly refused, adding tears as she tried to convince her king and beloved to remain with her. Having never been loved by any other man, she could not bear the thought of losing him, even if it assisted his suffering. Unknown to his queen, Woden had his servant, a dedicated man, secure hemlock and add it to his wine. Although he told the servant to serve the wine to him and leave him in peace, Genevieve interrupted his plans, by appearing to serve him both the wine and his medicine. Torn between dying at his wife's hand or allowing her to weep him out of his plans, Woden took the former and allowed his vision to dim as his wife's hand held the cup to his lips.

At first believing he had merely fallen asleep, Genevieve set the cup aside and arranged his pillows. It was then that she noticed the coloured tinge to his lips and his lack of breathing. A cry of such agony and sorrow passed her lips at that moment that the servants nearby thought the queen may have been dying herself. And in a way, part of her died with him.

Unwilling to be consoled after the death of Woden, Genevieve attempted to take her own life, failing to do so only by the same servant who had provided the hemlock for the king. Ironically he helped end the king's life and saved the queen's. Dressed in complete black, she refused to speak to anyone save her son, Oberon, for once in her life revealing deep love for him. Slowly but surely she rose above the death of her husband, returning to her regular life style only as Dowager Queen instead of Queen, deciding not to take the crown but instead passing it to her son. Following her return to daily life, she began to take her hobbies back, riding her horse, embroidering and taking short walks with her piglet, Resilience, a present from a friend.

While stag hunting with her ladies maids, Genevieve was struck with an arrow in her chest. It missed her heart, but seriously damaged her right lung and made it difficult for her to do anything that required a lot of breathing. It was also during this time that she once again contemplated taking her life. However she refrained from attempting again, the reason lost to her.

During a ball hosted by Duchess Elektra, Genevieve found herself comforted by Elchanan, her husband's brother. Finding that comfort to be perhaps love, she began to slowly see hope in life again.

She took her granddaughter, Cara to Mystenia in order to show her the country and begin teaching her about the customs of the realm. Her plans are to leave the region to the young princess upon either her death or the girl's 16th birthday, whichever may come to pass first. However during their trip, a dragon and soldiers sent by Jahan V, her nephew, attacked them, killing their guards and driving Genevieve and Cara into the forest.

In a battle with another smaller dragon, Genevieve was able to kill it and she and Cara slowly made their way back to Alrania... but not before Oberon learned of the attack and declared war on Mystenia and Jahan.

(More may be added as author sees fit)


Magic Specialty: Shadow elemental
Favorite Spell: Jaxa cxu mons (calls forth the deepest elementals of shadow and twists them to do her bidding. Not for the faint of heart I assure you)
Due to an arrow wound in her chest, Genevieve cannot do a great deal physically without collapsing in exhaustion.
When extremely angry, she stammers and/or has trouble remembering the argument.
At night she cries herself to sleep
~Horseback riding
~Playing her harp
~Hunting, is very good shot
~Drawing (secret talent)
(hobbies hold the rest)

Staff (Made of a twisted branch and embedded with pieces of shadow shard. The end of the staff forms into a carved snake... symbol of shadow)
Venom dipped dagger
The Mystenian Vana- which is the signet ring of the ruler, passed down for 300 years

-Other information-

Favourite Color: Grey/Black
Favourite Flower: Hemerocallis Link
Voice: Soft with a rising lilt at the end of her words
Theme songs:

Revenge on her Mystenian family: Overcome by Within Temptation link
Depression in General: Sadness In The Night by Tarja Turunen
Reason for living: All that I'm living for by Evanescence
Genevieve and Woden: Memories by Within Temptation link
Genevieve and Elchanan: When You Taught Me How to Dance by Katie Melua link
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Dowager Queen Genevieve
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