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 K and Q Chambers (for dream~ will be merged with Main thread)

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PostSubject: K and Q Chambers (for dream~ will be merged with Main thread)   Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:17 pm

Queen Cassandra lay in bed one night with her husband, King Oberon. she was tossing and turning in her sleep and muttering, however the only word that may have understandable was, "Cara" amids the mutters.

~Cassies dream~

A fire breathing dragon, Killing the Alranian Guards..
Cara charging at attacking soldiers them with her horse...

Then a dragon.. dropping to bloody crests in the center of the castle...

"You mother and Daughter are dead.... dead... dead"

She saw Oberon clenching the bloodied crests tightly, he kissed them...
then she saw Oberon getting suited for war.

The red eyes of the dragon loomed over her husbands head it seem, menacingly as if marking him for death...


~End of dream~

Cassie woke up screaming blood murder, there was pure terror in her eyes, she was ghostly white in the face and her skin was covered in a cold sweat.

Putting her hand over her mouth she quickly got up and ran over to stone basin where she emptied the contents of her stomach. She could no longer stand after that, and she fell to her knees, hugging herself as she trembled and sobbed. Saying one word over and over again...

"Cara.. Cara..."

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K and Q Chambers (for dream~ will be merged with Main thread)
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