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 Jahan's Dragons

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DQ Genevieve
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PostSubject: Jahan's Dragons   Fri Nov 27, 2009 4:29 am

A complete (more or less) list of Jahan V dragons

Inigo (Head Dragon called by the other dragons, The Sire) -Fire- (male)

Dalit (Inigo's son) *deceased- killed by Dowager Queen Genevieve* -Fire- (male)

Etoile (The Sire's mate) -Earth- (female)

Etzel (Of no relation to The Sire) second largest dragon -Fire- (male)

Hadrian (Etzel's son) young dragon -Fire- (male)

Ababuo (Of no relation to any other) young dragon -Darkness- (female)

Jocelin (Of no relation to The Sire) young dragon -Fire- (male)

Eliphalet (Jocelin's brother) young dragon -Fire- (male)

Peregrine (Of no relation to any other) young dragon -Fire- (male)

Abdulkareem (Of no relation to any other) third largest dragon -Wind- (male)

Elod (Eliphalet's son) baby dragon -Chaos- (male)

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Jahan's Dragons
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