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 Elektra's Underground Lair

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PostSubject: Elektra's Underground Lair   Sun Dec 20, 2009 8:24 pm

Elektra's hidden room filled with spellbooks, charts, maps, and various odditities. Requires a blood sacrfice and password to enter and exit.

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Posts : 84
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Name: Elektra, Fersen, Theseus, Beatrix
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PostSubject: Re: Elektra's Underground Lair   Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:24 pm

Within the halls of Azazel's Palace, the flourish and hustle of all the regular occurings echoed through the halls. Despite the ball having been the previous evening, much of the guests still lingered, all for different reasons ranging from not being able to properly coordinate a journey back to their realms, to a few of the Nobles, both Carakleinian and Alranian who were simply freeloaders, and enjoyed lingering in the Duchess's, albeit uncomfortable, realm solely for the fact it was at her financial expense, and not theirs. The chatter was so overwhelmingly with the notes of both Alranian and Caraklei clashing from wall to wall, that Elektra sought to leave it all, seeking refugee in a hidden room of her's, beneath all the hastle, at her piano.

Unfortunately, her hidden lair wasn't quite a secret. There were a few people who did know if its existence, one of which were currently at her side, doing what he does best: droning on and on and on...

Elektra wasn't exactly sure why (and honestly never really cared to find out why) but whenever Fersen was in Azazel, he always took it upon himself to "help her" sort out affairs of the country: making suggestions on the staffing, improvising various possible ways to stimulate the economy, things of that caliber. It certainly wasn't in his job description, considering he was naught but an Ambassador whose sole duty was to make sure she and any of the other Rulers didn't bite each other's head off, and it wasn't like he was getting paid extra for this stint.... Still though, like many things she kept to herself, deep down she did appreciate his counsel and support. After all, for many years here in Alrania, there were times when he stood as her sole friend. Not to mention, he still referred to her as "Khariza" (literally translating in the Alranian tongue to baby princess) despite the fact that that title was long since lost to her.

Though, for the sake of their friendship, there were times -many, in fact- that she wished he wouldn't go above and beyond. Such as now for instance...

"Khariza, are you even listening?" he asked in an exasperated tone looking at the young woman seated at the piano before him, absentmindedly playing with a miniature snow storm she had conjured upon her fingertips.

"Yes, of course. Quite fascinating, I must say. I agree with you entirely, Fersen." she replied, eyes still fastened upon her snowstorm, confirming the Ambassador's suspicions.

Fersen sighed to himself, knowing his cause was lost. It was hard enough to get Elektra to focus on the needs of the Azazelian -formerly Atticaisian- people and listen to economic suggestions on a regular day. Did he really expect more on a day after a festive ball? He shook his head, fighting the urge to smile at her antics. No, he was no fool or stranger. He knew and had known Elektra for too many years to misunderstand her.

He had another bit of news to mention, one she would definitely find important, yet wondered how exactly to go about it. Granted, she had heard talk of it before, and knew of it, but to have it now confirmed... he could only guess and imagine and pray for her reaction. Absentmindedly, his sapphire orbs wandered around the room, ensuring there wasn't any breakable objects of value...

"Khariza, your brother has confirmed his intention to visit. He leaves Caraklein after the next full moon." he reported bluntly, observing Elektra carefully, fully prepared for an explosion of fury.

...Only to have nothing. Instead, she merely stared at him, halting her idle game with the snowstorm.

"Pity," she finally uttered after a moment of silence. "Well, I suppose it's a good thing I never employed a mail carrier to Caraklein..." she remarked dryly, brushing her loose, long raven hair behind her shoulder.

A male eyebrow raised in suspicion. Was this a trick she had concocted? Was she waiting for an opportunity to explode? Was she still hung over from the night previously? "You seem rather calm about this, I must say..."

Elektra shrugged, in too good of a mood to really have anything, even the impending arrival of her brother, annoy her. "Radeios was a nosey bastard in childhood, why should I expect anything different with a chunk of gold upon his head?"

At this, Fersen couldn't help but smile and nod. "Indeed. Well, with that in mind then, and you in a rather cheerful spirit, I shall leave you be. Pleasant day, Khariza." he bade her farewell, bowing.

"Likewise," she replied, though just as Fersen was at the exit, a thought hit her, beckoning Elektra to call Fersen back. "You know, this might actually go quite well. I've just thought of an ideal theme for his Welcoming Ceremony."

"Oh?" Fersen asked, his interest intrigued.

Elektra smirked deviously, allowing her hands to begin a familiar melody to cadence throughout the room, bringing a sigh of exasperation to echo in return.

"The Imperial Death March. Cute, Khariza, simply adorable." he replied dryly. "Your brother will attempt to have your head for that stunt. Not to mention mine for allowing it."

"It's a risk I'm intrigued by, and quite willing to take."

"Curiosity killed the yeti, Khariza."

"Yet the yeti died thrilled."

"Is your disdain for your brother that intense?"

"If we were bound together by a single rope, hanging hundreds of feet above the air, with me a single inch above him, I would cut that rope just to see him perish mere seconds before I."

"Indeed," Fersen nodded with his own smirk, shaking his head. "Well, I shall leave you to your -er- rehearsal, then, tomorrow. Goodbye, Khariza."

"Goodbye," she replied with a smile, the melody still playing. Vaguely, she wondered if there was red wine in Hell...

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Elektra's Underground Lair
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