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 Arianna's small Bedroom

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PostSubject: Arianna's small Bedroom   Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:19 pm

Arianna lay curled up on her small mattress and a wool blanket, it was chilli in the small place of residence and it didn't have a big enough fire place to heat the whole house on chilli nights. With a shiver she pushed her self up and went out side to fetch some fire wood.

Out side she looked out in to the montians wondering if Loki her father was doing, how she missed him... how she wished she could leave the human world right now and be with the one who had guided her since she was a little weak girl. She wished she could be with him now, as she held a couple blocks of wood in one arm she placed a hand on her swollen stomach with the other. Being with child and alone was more scarier then she would ever care to admit. She had a firend here in the human world, Lilli, she was perhaps the one person she would return to the human world for if she ever had the chance to leave it. But she most felt safe with her dragon father Loki, it was a feeling of contentment she had not felt in a long long time, and feared she never would again.

Going back inside she kneeled down in front of the fireplace and put the wood in and she started a fire, by mixing to chemical herbs together, the made a reaction the cased fire. Much more efficent then endlessly rubbing sticks together.

She sighed and held her enchanted mirror in her hand, it was her one window back to her father, the one thing that kept her from slipping into depression. She remembered the first time she made fire.. she had done it quite by accident. It was winter season and she was freezeing, it was the first winter she had spent with Loki and she had still been wary of him. Scared of admiting she was cold she went out in search dry wood to burn.. in winter that task was conciderably difficult. She ended up curling up by there cave very cold when she saw a herd she often used to make medicen when she was sick, it made her feel warm and it relaxed her and made her feel better. She took a hand full of it and took it to her fire place intent on preparing them to eat. She ended up slliping on some ice on the way and the herd went everywhere and some landed on a mineral rock and a spark later, a fire started.... she had been so proud and relieved to have warmth at day she went to show Loki right away.

It seemed like it was so long ago that that happened, she missed it.. but the want to keep Loki safe was stronger then the want to feel safe with him.

The fire gave her a bit of warmth, but that was all it could do... give her warmth nothing else.

She opened her mirror tempted to give her father a call to be asurred he was okay... to hear is voice for a bit, even that would help.

"I will return one day father... I want my child to know you as I have. That I promise you I will find a way to break this spell on me and we will be together again" she whispered as she rose from her spot by the fire and grabed her sword on the way to a window.

Looking up at the moon she pricked her finger on the tip of her sword and then held the hilt, swearing she would one day return with her child and be with her dragon father once more.

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Arianna's small Bedroom
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