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 How to used and get Gold

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PostSubject: How to used and get Gold   Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:49 pm

Yes we have money that you can use to bye certain things, it is up to you, you can use it to get stuff for your character or for your self on the site.

First How to get money?
There are a number for ways to get money, one way is to sell things, you don't to own a building have your own business. You can have a street vender and sell things; Like; if you are a magic user, you can create cool new costum made spells, or if your a non magic user or maybe making spells isn't your thing you can make banners for people ~_^ for a price of course.

Also a good way to get money is to go to Queen Ara, or anyother nobles on the Royal castle and ask for a chance to earn some more money she will give a challenge to do and if you complete it you will get a reward in gold.
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How to used and get Gold
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