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 The Mortuary and Residence of Stephen Vazgoth III

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PostSubject: The Mortuary and Residence of Stephen Vazgoth III   Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:39 am

The mortuary is a two-part building: a place to examine and prepare the bodies on the path to one's right upon arriving at the Main Door, and the actual Funeral Home lobby when one first enters the main building of the estate.

Stephen's residence is in the upstairs portion of the main building, and is befitting a rather well-paid physician/doctor of the era.

No one lives here at present, for the house has sat unoccupied for the passed five months. It is said that many macabre activities occurred within the estate... most of said activities being at the hands of the 'good doctor' himself.

Dost thou dare enter the mortician's domain?


The main lobby of the funeral home has a color scheme of dark lavender and black in a scalloped pattern all around the walls. A cream-colored casing goes around around the ceiling and floor. It is a relatively peaceful and somber place, with archways leading to different parlors, an office, and "necessary rooms"... as well as a staircase leading to the residence portion of the estate. There is a trap door in the office leading to a subterranean tunnel, which goes directly to another trap door located in the morgue's main office.

Both trap doors here and at the morgue portion of the estate are covered by finely-crafted rugs.

Like the outside of the estate, the inside has since fallen into a state of uncleanliness since its sole occupant was carted off to prison and then to the asylum... though almost all of his personal effects remain.


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The Mortuary and Residence of Stephen Vazgoth III
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