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 Entrance Way

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PostSubject: Entrance Way   Thu Jan 28, 2010 3:19 am

The entrance way of Thalassa is draped in long dry hanging seaweed, dried to keep potential customers from shying away due to its wet feel. The counter is made of wood, equally draped although with wet weed instead of dried. Bare walls with only the occasional hanging shell or dried crustaceans surround the counter and the door leading back into the dark storage area is always kept tightly closed.

Panthea usually remained in their male form while seeing customers, finding that their female form is often too aggressive or attracts unwanted male attention. Also it was thought best with little discussion that they not remain in a half male half female form as that would result in either their banishment or loss of purchasers.

The counter in well stocked with many sample products; from healing balms made from sea plants, dyes extracted from a variety of creatures, shells carved and made to fit as jewelry or to simply be a token of good fortune. There were living plants as well, which they sold for a much higher price than the other products, due to the difficultly in obtaining them and keeping them alive.

A large glass tank bubbles on the far end of the counter, its blackened glass hiding from view the odd creatures that dwell within it. The far corner of the shop holds yet another large tank, this one far larger, but equally painted black. It is always silent as it only holds its double creature in the dark of night.
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Entrance Way
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