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 The Home of Inventor Ichabod Payne

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PostSubject: The Home of Inventor Ichabod Payne   Wed Feb 10, 2010 7:03 pm

Ichabod’s home is a smallish structure, with a variety of different devices littered about the yard (not shown). The two portions of the first floor are deliberately uneven, one section being an open parlor/reception type room combined with a study, and the one in back a kitchen and dining area, with a door to a root cellar also nearby.

On the second floor there are two bedrooms, one of which was converted into a further place for tinkering and scientific experimentation, as well as a modest library and seating intended for relaxation... and even more space taken up by various completed and half-completed inventions not yet gazed upon by the world at large.

There are also a few posts to tether one’s horse, and in the back and out of plain view is a stable meant for at least four horses, though Ichabod only has one.


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The Home of Inventor Ichabod Payne
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